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        2. ZYY-4 Direct Shear Pre-pressing Apparatus

          ZYY-4 Direct Shear Pre-pressing Apparatus

          The ZYY-4 Direct Shear Pre-pressing Apparatus is a kind of special apparatus designed for providing specimen prior to test, it will put vertical pressure on the specimen to make the specimen drain and consolidate so as to quick shear test. It consists of specimen mold, weights, loading hanger and 12:1 loading lever device to make the specimen be in normal force as well as once thirty-six specimens can be made etc.


          1. Specimen area: 30cm2

          2. Capacity : 1.2kN maximum

          3. Lever ratio : 12:1

          4. Max. pressure: 400kPa

          5. Pressure grade : 50kPa, 100kPa, 200kPa, 300kPa, 400kPa 

          6. Mold quantity: 12

          7. Weights : 1 x 1.275kg, 3 x 2.55kg

          8. Dimension 寸: 985 x 900 x 1200mm (L x W x H)

          9. Weight : 100kg (including weights)


          7×24 熱 線