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        2. ZSZ-1 Cross Plate Shear Apparatus

          ZSZ-1 Cross Plate Shear Apparatus

          The Cross Plate Shear Apparatus is a kind of apparatus used to determine the natural resisting shear strength of saturation mild clay in situ. Owing to the perturbation to produce specimen with mild clay, it obviously impairs the strength. Use the apparatus to obtain actual strength index. The apparatus is working together with drilling equipment and testing the strength while drilling hole in any depth within 30m. 


          1. Cross plate dimension : Ø75 x 150mm, Ø50 x 100 mm

          2. Torque moment of steel ring : 80N•m

          3. Torque moment accuracy: 0.55 N•m

          4. Guide rod : Ø30 x 1040mm

          5. Dimension : 430 x 910 x 220mm (L x W x H) 

          6. Weight: 40kg 


          7×24 熱 線