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          1. CASES


            • China Mining University
            • Dalian University of Technology
            • Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity
            • East China Jiaotong University
            • Ocean of University of China
            • Southeast University
            • Hebei Polytechnical University
            • Xiamen University
            • Harbin Civil Engineering University
            • Xi'an JiaoTong University
            • Hong Kong University of science and engineering
            • Taiyuan Technology University
            • Dalian Naval Academy
            • Shijiazhuang Railway University
            • Changsha Jiaotong University
            • Yunnan Agricultural university
            • Northern China Jiaotong University
            • Ahanghai Tongji University
            • Beihang University
            • Fuzhou University
            • Nanjing University
            • Tsinghua University
            • Shantou University
            • Lanzhou Jiaotong University
            • Shanghai Normal University
            • Hohai University
            • Jilin Industry University
            • North China Agricultural University
            • Tianjin University
            • Ji’nan University
            • Nanjing University of Science and Technology
            • Jiuzhou Vocational & Technical College
            • Taizhou Vocational & Technical College

            Scientific Research Unit

            • Nanjing survey and Survey Research Institute
            • Southwest Electric Power Design Institute
            • Jiangning traffic planning and Design Institute
            • Shanghai Shenzhen Engineering Survey Institute
            • China National Petroleum Exploration Institute
            • Zhejiang water conservancy and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute
            • Chongqing Highway Science Research Institute, Ministry of Communications
            • CNOOC Technology Survey Center
            • Guangxi Institute of Water Conservancy Science
            • Laboratory of Gezhouba Dam Engineering Center of the Yangtze River
            • Lanzhou desert center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
            • Too far iron and Steel Group Corporation
            • Yunnan Design Institute survey branch
            • Research Institute of the four Navigation Department of the Ministry of Communications
            • Liaoning geological and Mining Bureau Survey Institute
            • Beijing Geotechnical Institute
            • Four Design Institute of the Ministry of Communications
            • Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute
            • Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute
            • Two Design Institute of the Ministry of Communications
            • Guangdong Engineering Survey Institute
            • east china electric power design institute
            • Tianjin survey and Design Research Institute of the Ministry of water and electric power
            • Shanghai Design Institute of China Ship
            • Guodian west gate Electric Power Design Institute
            • Sichuan Provincial Highway Planning Survey and Design Research Institute
            • Qingdao survey and surveying institute
            • Lanzhou glacier center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


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